What are the benefits of registering my startup company under MSME Scheme in Bangalore?



I have registered a new private limited company in Bangalore, and we are a financial technology (FinTech) startup company. I would like to know if there are any benefits to register my start-up company under MSME Govt. Scheme. Do you recommend MSME Registration for private limited companies, or is it only for proprietorship concerns? Please guide me with your legal advice and expertise to opt for MSME registration in Bangalore.


Getting your startup company registered under MSME scheme can be a value-add and also boost credibility among the target customers, especially, when you are pitching for investments or bank loans.

You need MSME Registration to avail the benefits under the MSMED Act from Central or State Government and the Banking Sector.

Various subsidies, schemes and incentives are offered by the Government of India for MSMEs through the MSMED Act.