Tenants beaten and falsely claimed of creating nuisance


Please read and reply soon I need urgent help. I live in a triplex apartment. All the people are owners except me. The water and motor electricity bill are common. A few flats owners would come and take a double bill amounts from me. They never showed me the bills even after requesting and pleading for months so they could receive an extra amount and don’t pay the bill. Lately, I have started collecting all the bills. The woman whose’s bills I paid earlier first tried to threaten me saying that our area inspector is her relative. I didn’t get afraid thinking those were empty threads. She didn’t give the bills of past three months and went somewhere. When she returned I asked her to pay the amount, but she hit me in the eye and called the local policeman before I could take any legal action against her. She pre-planned everything because she already had three false witnesses in her home who told the officer that I was beating her and she helplessly fell. She is 65 year old and was acted so well as if she was beating though I had merely touched her hair. To protect myself I hit her but it was she who attacked me first. My eye is totally red know. The policeman told that I should shift somewhere else. I showed my eye which she punched and also the bills she didn’t give. Instead of taking my side he pushed me to give my landlord’s number. The policeman is indeed her relative. His name is Vinod. After that day I went to my landlord and took their permission for registering an FIR against the woman.

I was enquired by another policeman at the station. He called Vinod as soon as I told him what had happened they had a long conversation. He than passed my FIR application to the lady inspector. No one listened to me and instead the lady inspector said that she could put me into the lockup for nuisance I caused the old woman. I can’t change a house right now because the kids will soon have their exams further my husband doesn’t have time to search for new rental options in the same area. I want to teach her a lesson. Please tell me what should I do. I have nil knowledge of laws.