Regarding tests directed by HC


Hi ,


For One of my close friend , his wife has posted divorce case under the section of impotency.
He stayed with her only for 15 days. Even though he is potent , she has filed this case for money.
Now for the allegation the girl made, he went to Apollo hospitals and the doctors have done potency tests and given a letter stating that he is potent. Now the other party lawyers claimed that he has influenced the doctors in Apollo and argued the court to send him to the test again.
So, the high court has directed him to a Government Hospital. He went to the hospital but unfortunately there are no urology department(this is being claimed by the director of the hospital).


  1. Is it the right thing to do contempt of court against the hospital ?
  2. Since the facility is unavailable, is it that we can re-open the petition that was directed by High court or do we need to open a new petition since the bench was closed. Please help, so that this will be helpful to my innocent friend.

Thanks in Advance