Property Inheritance - Muslim Family



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I an Individual, Citizen of The Republic of India, by Faith in Islam as a Muslim, aged now 46 years, approximate, Native of Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

  1. Property Matter under Muslim Law I presume, I stand corrected, wherein I am keen to know case my Father now aged 80 years , god forbid expires without settlement of his property, as much as I know it been the current residence place, I live and occupy with him, it is the same on my Identity Cards and Residential proof, how do I get my own share of it without undue litigation and related mess, yet in such case, how do I atleast make an exit without entangled, such is the apprehension.

I am the eldest of the 3 children, sister and a brother, and a Mother, am currently unemployed in onus of honest professional life of 2 decades as an IT professional, last 2 jobs sacrificed due to separation and divorce with spouse and children in particular.

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Nouman Khan