Pls do help at earliest


My name is rose,i hav an query,i have some doubt,could you please telme why this document is required and in what cases since i have no idea about it imean family membership certificate.i was told that for an medical agency license its required and for that i need to attach my adhaar card and all,so without knowledge i dont wana proceed in any Mattter,plsdo help why this document required stating my dad is died and so and so are members of my family and all pls do help


When a person died in family having assets then only a relationship certificate is needed . For getting a license no need of a relationship certificate. If your dad is live no need to take such certificate .


Sir thanku for ur reply and ur right my dad had died recently leaving ancestral property behind and my question is why some one need such certificate and for what purpose its used please do reply sir and once again thanksfor urreply