Please Suggest and help me


Dear Sir/Madam,
We are living in Bangalore for almost 11 years. Recently we moved to our own home from the rented house(where we lived for almost 6.5 years). The owner stays in Hyderabad.We used to give rs.12000 per month initially for 1100 sft apartment. Later our owner kept on increasing the rent every year like 8%,9%. Now it reached to 18,600. While handing over the flat to us he has not done any painting to the house he didn’t even do the basic cleaning and asked us to make it clean and paid just 350 rs. And when we joined his house the toilet commodes were so dirty so that we asked him…he said us to change just seat covers of the commodes and has sent the amount for the same(900/- for two toilet seat covers). Before vacating the house he along with his friend and painter visited our house and looked the entire house and they discussed among themselves regarding painting. He didn’t even spoke a single word with us regarding any damage or expenses . Now after a month( we shifted on 30th of nov 2017 but handed over keys to his friend on 3rd december as the owner said he can’t come from hyderabad and requested to hand it over to his friend) he is telling that we need to bear painting charges(30000rs), new commode purchases+ plumbing works(10800rs), new doors for bathrooms(₹8,400), and full month rent as he was not able to rent it (₹18,600), along with other miscellaneous expenses in total he is charging ₹96,742. In addition to the advance amount which is ₹80,000 given by us to him, he is asking
extra ₹16,742. Inspite of returning our advance amount, he is charging all expenses on us.In which way is this acceptable?. We are feeling very bad about this. How we have to retrieve our money from him. Please Suggest. Thanks in advance


What was written the rental agreement, does it mention that you need to repaint the house before handing over the possession? Do you have receipt of the expenses that you made on the flat or any kind of evidence?

If there is no such mention of deducting painting expense or other charges upon vacation you can file a harassment case or file a police complaint in the local police station against the owner.