Need legal advice on tenant-landlord problem in Bangalore


Hello, We are facing tenant-owner problem in Bangalore. I’m the tenant and the owner is not ready to give back our advance. But asking for rent. The old owner has gifted this property to her daughter. The owner has filed a case against us. We have got a notice from Court. Since I wasn’t aware, I did not attend the court.

From past five months, we are trying to reach the new owner but they are not read for talk. Finally, we have decided to vacate the house after adjusting amount from the advance. On 3rd of August, we vacated the house, but the owner approached us, informing that we can’t run away like this as the Court order is in his favour.

We have vacated the house and went to the Court to pay Rs.13,200 as the penalty. Again, I went to the house in the evening, but the house was locked by chain though the judgment states that I have 2 months time to vacate the house. Also, I had the master key with me for the house.

The owner is threatening me for the keys. So I couriered the keys. But he is still sending threatening messages. Please guide me what to do now. Should I reply to the owner or just keep quite.