Legal Solution required on Matrimonial Issue. Girl/Wife harrassing me


Legal Solution required on Matrimonial Issue. Girl/Wife harrassing me.
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This is regarding Matrimonial issue. My name is Mr.Ahmed. M.K, basically from Bangalore city and working in Qatar from past 6+ years.
About 1.5 years ago I got married to a Girl from Dharwad who was a divorcee.
This is an Second Marriage & Earlier she was married to a guy from Dharwad and working in USA in year 2012. I got this girl contact through Online and then we spoken and our family members met. Then we got married about 1.5 years ago.
We all know this is our second marriage. After marriage I had immediately taken her with me to Qatar and both staying together. In 1.5 year both had visited India twice for few occasions. I am also planning to make her conceive but she had miscarriage. Even though we are trying it. Also in her earlier marriage which was for about 2 plus years she was not pregnant.
In India My family has taken her care during miscarriage and praying to again conceive. Now from past 4 months she is back with me in Qatar.

From the day she came back, she is starting unnecessary quarrels with me. Unwanted picking fights, disturbing my sleep, threatening that she will go out of house. Every 7 days she starts up the fights. Even she hides my office phone, car keys when I wanted to go to office. She even closes the main door with key and not give it when I wanted to go to office. At night she start up fights which I have never thought about. During fights she keeps telling about the previous marriage Guy. She makes me frustrated and I had also went for heart checkup because of her attitude. There is no reasons for the fights which she creates with me. How can I handle it if it is continuously happening every weekend. Even I must work and then in home there is no healthy environment. My head keeps aching because of her taunts and torture. She start screaming loudly even though I have not touch her. Seeing this now I’m getting very scared of this girl. Immediately I make calls to my family in bangalore and also her family in Dharwad. Both family try to console her, and asks her why she is doing this kind of problems. She says she doesn’t want to stay with me and wanted to go back. Her parents tell me Not to sent her back. These phone conversation are recorded in phone.

Because even in earlier marriage she did the same things, which the previous guy suffered. The previous was divorced case which settled in court. Once I saw the Affidavit given by the previous guy. In the affidavit also he stated same thing which she is doing with me. Like unnecessary torture, picking fights, taunts and threatening.

Now, I am getting scared to keep her with me in Qatar. I told her if you want to go tell your parents and go. I cannot stay with this kind of Girl anymore. Everydays torture making me upset and I had chest pain and went to hospital and had health checkup aswell. I cannot take this anymore and told my family in Bangalore. This is going for about 3 to 4 months now. How much should I bear or keep calm. Even she is not conceiving because of her crookedness. She can go back to her parents house by her own will. She keeps torturing and keeps taunting with some bad language, which is not good on part of women. She wanted to go back, and even I don’t want to stay with her. My health is worsen because of her. Anytime she might go now back to India.

Now, I feel that she might go to India and register or file complaint against me, which is false complaint. Even in her previous marriage she & her parents threaten the same way to that Guy and his parents.
Even now she might do the same. Usually nowadays we can see they file 498 and domestic violence cases or other cases against husband’s. Even if the Girl is wrong they file it by showing pity-ness.
I am afraid she will do it and wanted some Legal Solution to Curb this issue. I cannot see myself & my family to be dragged in cases unnecessarily for things which we are not involved. She even don’t fear God.
So, my request with the Legal Experts to provide a Legal Solution where I can safeguard myself in Qatar & my family in Bangalore India.
Thank You


Well, you need to take few precautionary steps as mentioned below:

  1. Always behave politely and avoid any verbal/physical fights.
  2. If she is causing the trouble/mental cruelty/torture, then make sure you record all the events.
  3. Maintain cordial relations with neighbours and others.
  4. If the mental cruelty and torture are unbearable and there’s no chance of reconciliation, then approach the court for a divorce decree on the ground of mental cruelty.


Now that you know what she is and not compatible with you, the only option left for you is to file Divorce Case before she files a complaint. If you file a divorce case and she files a 498 case you will be saved as court considers such after cases as counter case and you will have good chances of acquittal in the 498 case.