Inheritance of mother's self aquired or ancestral property by her lone son



Recently my mother bought a residential property by selling her ancestral agricultural land. During the sale, I had signed on the papers as a mark of Goodwill. While she was buying the residential property, my dad and I had contributed some money as she was falling short of it.

Now I have below questions -

  1. Will this residential property be classified as self-acquired by my mother?
  2. Does she have any right to name the heirs of this property to anyone else apart from my father and me while she is alive?
  3. If she dies without making a will of any sort then can I inherit the property?

I am her only child. Apart from this, she has some other ancestral properties. Can I inherit them as well?

Kindly answer these questions. I m very much worried about these as she has not yet made a will and I don’t I live with her. My mother and father live together as I am a married, working professionally in Bangalore. My parents stay in my hometown.

  1. Yes, the said property shall be considered as her property.

  2. Yes, since the property belongs to her, she can bequeath as per her wish.

  3. Yes, you and your father will inherit the property.


If she doesn’t makes the WILL in any one else’s favor then you have right to inheritance of self acquired as well as ancestral property.