Im ruined pls helpme


Sir my name is laxmi i marryied a guy under special marriage act in january 20 2016.for marriage he made me lose my lic job and after marrying i discover he started harrassing me to do friendship with a girl who was in past back of my day mid9t i discover he has locked the doer and was speaking to her . I checked her number too.fnally wen asked he started beating me one mid9t and it made me to leave home n I’m staying from 2years in parents home nor he s giving money for my expense nor he s taking me home instead he is saying even if i come home he l not see me as wife.recently having no option my bro called hime to my home n he is saying idonn want her n my family against my marriage made me.sign for mutual divorce.but i asked him once chance even after cheating me i want 2live vt him too im not understanding anything pls do help wat can i do in this to teach him lesson not to play vt a girl life and second take me to home cause he totally ruined my life made me lose my job and send me home which pain made my dad to pass away too pls do help wat can i do in this