Icicibank harassment


I had opened a current account in icicibank to trade in capacitor of a manufacturer whom I was already representing as a liason agent.However it didn’t work out.
I have been a Vaastu consultant since 1993.I visited USA in 2001 and based on my studies I wrote a book on application of Vaastu in USA. Several copies of the book was sold through Amazon USA as my son was in USA. One lady sought vaastu advice for her house and I received my professional fees of usd103 through my current account in icici bank.This was in 2008. The advice must have been rendered via email of which I don’t have proof.


Icicibank bank is repeatedly asking me to produce shipping details which obviously I don’t have.They are threatening me with fema and ED… I have been asking them to give the contact details of the sender so that I can get her confirmation.I have also offered to pay back the amount to close the issue.They never read my letters but keep sending the same letter.What do I do?


Please reply to my email hariar926@gmail.com