How to get a quick divorce in Bangalore?


I am originally from Bangalore but currently based in London. Got married in Bengaluru, Karnataka in July 2010 but since then have been staying away from my husband for more than 5 years now. At the time of marriage, I was promised a lot of things by my husband, but all empty promises only. I want to get divorced legally at the earliest but they are not responding properly. I would also like to know if any fraud case could be filed. I want to know proper procedure in order to get out of this marriage at the earliest. Please help me with quick and fast divorce proceedings in Bangalore.


If you have married as per Hindu Rites and Rituals then you can file a divorce case at the place where you two last resided together. You can claim alimony as well as file a FIR if you have strong evidence that they have duped you. But this route of contested divorce route will take several years.

Since you prefer a quick and easy divorce proceeding, talk to your husband for a mutual consent divorce.


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Contested divorce is very much difficult and time taken procedure. It will be better to try to settled the matter amicably and go for mutual consent divorce if both of you are Hindu.

Mutual consent divorce is only the procedure for getting quick divorce.

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