Help needed! Friends family in income tax and financial problems


Family of 4. Father was a government official and died in an unfortunate accident while crossing the road a couple of years back. Mother is a home maker and living on husbands pension. Son (Eldest of siblings) is not working and a chronic alcoholic with some of his organs giving up day by day. He might not survive more than 2-3 years from now. Daughter moved to another country after marriage about a decade ago. Daughter is not working and her family is not very well to do, but, living a peaceful middle class life. Daughter is able to visit only once in 2 years due to her financial dependency on the husband.
Communication with mother and son is very bad and do not talk to each other. Son drinks dawn to dusk. Falls down and passes out time by time and mother takes care with no option. Relatives are far from where they stay and friends for help are limited.

Father has made some decent amount of money in terms of savings. He had some money locked up in FD’s, shares, equities and savings etc. After the fathers sudden and unfortunate demise, all his documents and bank related debit cards etc are being hidden by the son. Even the papers of the only house they own is not transferred from the father’s name to the other family member. House documents are hidden by the brother. He is using up all the savings money day by day for his drinking habits using the debit card. He is not revealing on the bank balance or anything till date. Daughter feels very strongly that the balance in the bank runs to a few 10’s of lakhs for sure. Mother has started to get some health issues and is unable to pay for all medical bills. She is in need of money. Daughter feels Nominee is her mother on all bank documents.

Recently the father has received few notices from the income tax department. Brother hides all these letters. Mother just could make out that it was from the income tax department but is not educated enough to understand what the letter is all about. One of the letter is about showing proofs to the income tax department on how the house was built.

How should the family go about this problem now ? They just want to make sure nothing is lost with the bank and all the father has made. Mother and daughter want to reply back and does not want to lose time with the income tax department. What is the legal way to transfer the house to the mothers name ? What is the legal way to transfer the savings account, FD’s, shares etc to the mothers name ?

Any help/suggestions is highly appreciated. Please guide me to the right forum, if this is not the right one.