Cheated 1 Lakh Online - offered me to sell Bitcoin at low rate


I am an Engineering student in Mumbai. A guy from Tamil Nadu offered me to sell Bitcoin at low rate. I was aware that he might scam me. So I took his Aadhar Card copy, Mobile Number, Bank Details, Phone Call Recording, Video Call Screen Recording of the deal terms (by mistake video is muted). I sent him 1 Lakh through UPI on 18th February. He recieved calls in first few hours. Later he stopped responding my phone call. So I filed complaint on 22nd February in Powai Police Station. Now on 5th March I got his personal details and Bank Statement from Axis Bank and I can see he has wasted my money in petrol pump, restaurant, online purchase and Cash ed out rest of the money. On 5th March Powai Police talked to him and gave him two days time to return my money or else we will complete formality to arrest him. Now the fraud is asking for 15 days to return 50,000 and another 15 days for rest 50,000 rupees. What should I do now? Should I wait or make it a court case.