Breach of trust by Contractor to redevelop our home


Hello All,
This is my first time on this forum and I hope to get advice. Please help
We had hired a contractor to build our first floor one bedroom house around April. Initially he had agreed to build it in two months, then it got delayed to reasons related to his hiring of labour and its been six months and still our house is yet to be completed. There was no issue of monies because we had paid him whenever he asked us to pay. He has been postponing the construction for the past two months citing labour issues. Moreover he has switched off his phone and now not answering our phone.
We had made a contract on a bond paper regarding the work he has to carry out. Regular payments made to him were not acknowledged but only given in cash in good faith, which he doesn’t deny.
In fact if he doesn’t complete the work then we would be forced to hire another contractor and pay the amount again which would amount to around Rs.90,000.
Please advice how should I proceed, since he had taken monies and did not complete the work contracted it would amount to cheating and breach of trust.