Can tenants file for ownership after 50 years of posession?

Hi, We have property in a village of Rajasthan and we are taking care of this property from last 50 year. We have paid some amount of rent about 2-3 y...

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Is person liable to pay full maintenance charges for unoccupied villa?

I have got a villa in a gated community the villa is never occupied the association is asking me to pay full maintenance which also includes the club ...

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Tenant not paying rent what can I do?

I gave my commercial godown on rent to 2 partner for flour mill at 8000per month excluding electrical bill from November2015 but only one of them has ...

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Rules regarding enclosure of balconies as per society laws?

The are of my flat in the agreement is mentioned as carpet area including the balconies. I want to know the rules regarding enclosure of balconies and...

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Can I rent out a residential flat to run a tiffin service?

I retired from my service & I want my residential flat for rent to my neighbor, s friend & she wants to prepare lunch & supply for offices is it advis...

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Landlord asking for another months rent because no new tenant found?

We are living in rented house. We have provided a deposit of 1 lakh to the owner . Now house owner has asked us to vacate blaming us that we are wasti...

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Tenant not vacating the property?

I have my own flat here in South Mumbai which I had given for rent in June 2012 but from January 2013 my tenant start delaying in giving a rent than o...

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Tenant making false allegations and delaying to vacate house. ?

Our property , the tenant by submitting false allegation not vacating our house...

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Can land can be converted to NA land in existence of WP case pending?

There is a land which needs to be converted to NA land . But the problem is WP case is pending in the high court on that land . So that particular lan...

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Landlord refusing to return security amount beacuse of false reasons?

I was living in HSR layout in a rented house. As per the agreement we informed the landlord before vacating. We went last week to get our security bac...

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