What is the procedure of geting a copyright done?

I want to get my song copyright. Including its lyrics and composition. What is the process? And where to visit for the same with complete procedure in...

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Want to publish book of interesting facts from other sources?

My dad has an exclusive hobby of collecting interesting facts and articles published in news papers and other periodicals. This is interesting for all...

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Script idea stolen by another company what action can i take?

I had a concept/ script which i registered with the writers association with which another company started to make serial. Now what action can i take ...

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Procedure and requirement of registration of company to sell software?

What are the legal formalities or paperwork to sell a software in India in the name of my unregistered company . Also , do I need to register before m...

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Need advice about using copyrighted\pirated content hosted on my site?

I need legal advice from few lawyers either free or paid. ...

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Company removed me from project and hired another architect?

I am Architectural Consultant by profession and I have done Residential Project for MHADA in Sindhudurg district (Kokan Region). After sanctioning of ...

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Copyright issues in making a website?

I want to open a grocery website xyz. com  but in our town there is grocery store with name xyz so is there any problem to open a website looking lik...

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Other person has a twitter account on my registered name, please solve?

Hello, I started my website name Coachunt. com, but it is registered in India as a HSB Paathshala Private Limited. After Creating website now I notice...

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Can someone copy graphic prints on the t-shirt?

Hi, I would like to know that a person can copy that the graphic prints of t-shirts or not. For example: - What would happen if I copy the prints of t...

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Trademark fraud done by partner in a Partnership Firm?

I am running a buisness since 1986 with my partner who joined me in 1989 then our buisness got registered in 1992 legally in partnership firm basis. N...

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