My wife is seeking divorce. What should I do?

Hi, My wife has a suicidal tendency. She attempted it several times for silly reasons. I do not like her the way of talk and her attitude. She always ...

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How to appeal in supreme Court for 125 maintenance Case?

Dear Sir, I Just want to know is there any option available to appeal in supreme court against 125 crpc maintenance case. Currently my deserted wife f...

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Procedure to take divorce in case of love affair with someone else?

A Hindu friend of mine was in a relationship but because of family respect, she got married to different person (Hindu). She has informed the person 3...

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My husband has made a child by IVF without my consent?

I am separated frm my husband during last 3 yrs, he made a divorce perition and case is running during last 1yr. Recently i hav came to know tht he ha...

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Interference by mother in law in my married life?

I am 28 years old got married in 7 th august 2016. my mother in law is restricting me from talking with my wife. they said to file a divorce under spe...

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Procedure to make a will?

Hi My father needs to make a will. what would be the procedure for the  same? ...

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Filed DV and Dowry case against husband can i file for divorce?

I got married in 2012(*Hindu marriage). I hv 18months old daughter. My husband beats me very brutally n also tried to kill me. I hv filed 3cases as me...

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Can I file for restitution for conjugal right?

Thank you...

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What are the legal issues in moving in with intercaste boyfriend?

I am a 18 years old Hindu woman. I am planning to move in with my boyfriend. He is 25 and is a muslim. I would like to know if there is any legal issu...

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Need information regarding interim maintenance?

Hello. Interim Maintenance (S. 24, HMA) in favor of wife was recently ordered. However, the judge didn...

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