Real Estate and Property Law

Get expert legal opinion and answers on buying property, land ownership, property documentation, rent, mortgage of property, redevelopment of a property, mortgages, foreclosure, buying/selling, boundary disputes, builder issues, RERA fees, RERA process and RERA project registration.

Criminal Law

Get expert legal opinion and answers on White Collar Crime, Fraud Crime, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Criminal Charges, Antipacitory Bail Applications, Private Complaint, Defense, Criminal Charges, DUI, Criminal Procedure & Trial, Police Misconduct, Cheque Bouncing Cases, Trademark Violation, 498a IPC, Criminal Appeals, Forgery/Cheating/Misappropriation of money, etc.

Business & Corporate

Get expert legal opinion and answers on business law, business transactions, business disputes, buying/selling/starting a business, legal compliance, taxation, company information, business structure, startup legal advice, duties and rights of business entities.

Labour & Employment Law

Issues involved in Employment Contracts, Discrimination, Workplace Disputes, Wrongful Termination, Workers’ Compensation.

Banking & Finance Law

Get expert legal opinion and answers on banking and financial laws, credit agencies, non-banking financial institutions, mutual funds, private equity funds, advice in rupee financing, extra commercial borrowing etc.

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Intellectual Property Law

Issues involving topics including Copyright Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, Designs, and Geographical Indicators.

Family & Divorce Law

Get an expert legal opinion and answers on divorce procedure, mutual consent divorce, contested divorce, grounds of divorce, eligibility for divorce, maintenance and alimony, child custody, distribution of assets, time for divorce, name changes, paternity and DNA tests, guardianship, adoption, international family law, and divorce fees.

Consumer Law

Issues involving in consumer disputes, deficiency of services, contractual breaches