Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar
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Advocate Rajesh Kumar

Cyber & Intellectual Property Lawyer
Practice Courts: District Court, High Court, Consumer Court, Tribunals Languages:

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Advocate Rajesh Kumar is a qualified legal professional, having obtained his law degree from KSLU University in the year 2015. He specializes in cyber, intellectual property, family and property matters. He is practicing since the year 2015. He is a member of the Bar council of Karnataka. He has been practicing and providing services by maintaining absolute professional approach in each and every case. His key behavioral strengths are - Consistency, preciseness in identifying strength and weakness of the matter, organised, client friendly, influencing, analytical, effective and apt in logical argument in the court room, delivery of job assigned by following logical steps to take the decisions in his client's favor, court craft, excellent command over language and subject matter expertise, and interpersonal skills.

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