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How to Divorce on ground od non consummation & mental torture by wife?

How to Divorce on ground od non consummation & mental torture by wife?

I was married i year ago and we lived together in same house, not as husband and wife. she used to go to her house very frequently , and hardly for some months we lived together. she had many friends boy friends and she never used to tell about anything, daily she used to have private conversations, when asked she would say something or the other r more →


You can definitely get the proceedings initiated against your wife for separation and divorce. Can you share specific instances where your wife has failed to carry out marital obligations base on which legal remedies would be suggested. you can file for divorce for all the mental torture that you are facing. We can also take the ground for dissertion as your wife left your house without informing you and with no reasons. Other grounds can be of cheating and extra maritalUnder the facts presented, you may file an application for divorce on the ground of cruelty, Adultery & desertion, only after 1 year of marriage. You may also require evidence of facts stated by you. FOr more specific answers on your specific queries, you may contact me.

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