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How to claim and enforce child rights?

How to claim and enforce child rights?

My parents are continuosly torturing and verbally abusing my self esteem and hurting me daily they forcing me to sit at home as aftr being b tech in computer science engineering they are spoiling my future infact they dnt allow me to go anywhere they locked my rooms gate my house main gate so tht i wont be able to go out of a house plus they allowe more →


You can file case against her parents in I. p. c section 340 in your house without your will wrongfully confinement. You can write a letter to chief justice of high court Rajasthan. Your restrained in your home your parents. if you are an adult then only you have remedies. if you want to take action against anyone who is acting against your will by illegally confining and torturing you then you can lodge an FIR against them.

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