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Cheque Bounce

Cheque bounce charge -- who should pay, biller or the payer?

I recently have been charged by my apartment association for the cheque bounce in the following scenario... I want to ascertain whether it is my mista

Employment Law

Illegal Termination from job

My husband got terminated from a reputed private limited bank in India due to non performance in June 2016. The bank did not provide relieving letter.

Real Estate & Property Law

Right for married daughters

Dear Sir, My father in law has a property purchased by his father, but, loan was paid by my FIL. The property was legally transferred to my FIL when h


Intra Family Adoption Process

"Hello All, I am planning to adopt the child who belongs to my sister (Intra family Adoption). Before I ask questions I would like to give a brief ab

Civil Law

Ancestral property partision issue

"Hi , we are 3 people (A,B,C) 4th generation of having ancestral house property along with plots adjacent to that 4 sides of house .we 3 members havi